The Office of Career Planning Weekly Events

Summer 2014 Non-Judicial Extern Orientation April 23

Students registered for a non-judicial externship this summer should plan on attending the Orientation scheduled for Wednesday, April 23 at 9:50 a.m., in Stride Courtroom.  Prof. Curt Cichowski, Faculty Supervisor, will discuss the summer syllabus and guidelines for externs to follow.  See Lisa Cannon in Career Planning if you have any questions.

3L Pro Bono Plenary – April 25th

The spring 2014 pro bono plenary session will take place on April 25th in Benson from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  The speaker for the session will be Michael Bergmann, Executive Director of the Public Interest Law Initiative.  Michael is a frequent speaker on issues relating to legal aid, pro bono and public interest law at the state and national level.  During his tenure at PILI, Michael has handled pro bono matters through Chicago Volunteer Legal Services, Lawyers Committee for Better Housing and the National Immigrant Justice Center.  Prior to joining PILI in 2006, Michael served as the Guardian Ad Litem Program Director for Chicago Volunteer Legal Services.

Etiquette Tip of the Week: Jacket on, jacket off…

Culture and Manners Institute

“Can I take my suit jacket (or blazer) off for a business meal?”

Here are some of the rules for keeping your jacket on or taking your jacket off:

In a formal dinner: jacket on.

In an interview or interview meal: jacket on.

In a meeting, jacket on.  Jacket off, only if your host or the most senior person removes his/her jacket first.

Greeting people as they enter the meeting: jacket on.

Sitting alone in your office or cubicle: jacket off… unless you are chilly.

When seated, unbutton your jacket.

When standing, always leave the bottom button of your jacket unbuttoned for ease of movement.  Unless you are wearing a double breasted jacket, which according to the late Leticia Baldrige “looks awkward hanging open, like a gate that needs closing.”

These rules apply to women’s jackets (blazers) as well as men’s.