The Office of Career Planning Weekly Events



*(Top 5 Jobs chart does not include Recruiting Postings)

Job ID# Employer Location Job Title Preferred Class
3797 U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chicago Spring 2014 Extern –

Apply by 9/30

2L, 3L
3793 Illinois Association of School Bards – Immediate Need Lombard, IL Fall 2013 Extern    Apply by 8/20 2L, 3L
3765 Kirkland & Ellis Chicago Summer Associate 2014

Apply by 9/6

3726 Illinois Legal Aid On Line Chicago, IL Pro Bono Fall Intern –

apply by 8/31

2L, 3L
3742 U.S. Justice Department, Office of Immigration Litigation, Civil Washington DC Summer Law Clerk 2014

apply by 9/27



Apply via Strategy; chart last updated 8/15/2013

2065 Rothberg Logan & Warsco Fort Wayne, IN 2014 Summer Associate   (2L) On-Campus Interviews at Valparaiso Law on

August 30

Apply by August 22


3596 Burke Costanza & Carberry Merrillville, IN 2014 Summer Law Clerk   (2L) On-Campus Interviews at Valparaiso Law on September 20 Apply by August 29
3588 Carson Boxberger LLP Fort Wayne, IN 2014 Summer Associate (2L) Resume Collect Apply by August 30
3284 Indiana Attorney General’s Office Indianapolis, IN 2014 Summer Law Clerk (2L) On-Campus Interviews at Valparaiso Law on September 24 Apply by September 3
3266 May Oberfell Lorber Mishawaka, IN Summer 2014 Associate   (2L) On-Campus Interviews at Valparaiso Law on

September 19

Apply by September 4
3590 Bodman PLC Detroit, MI 2014 Summer Associate (2L) Resume Collect Apply by September 9
3589 Bamberger, Foreman, Oswald & Hahn, LLP Evansville, IN 2014 Summer Associate (2L) Resume Collect Apply by September 15
3759 Gutwein Law Lafayette, IN 2014 Summer Associates (2L

3L Entry Level


Resume Collect Apply by September 13



Please confirm in DataVU that you have been registered properly for the externship with the proper credits before the drop/add deadline of August 26.  See the FAQs if you have questions:

FALL EXTERN Orientations: 

Non-Judicial – Wed., August 21 – Stride Courtroom – 9:55 a.m.-10:20 a.m., with Professor Cichowski

State Judicial – Fri., August 23 – Stride Courtroom – 9:55 a.m. -10:20 a.m., with Professor Vance

Fall syllabi will be distributed and each professor will give details of their  extern guidelines.  Please plan to attend and arrive on time; this meeting is very brief!

Etiquette Tip of the Week from the Culture and Manners Institute

The Bone of Contention

You have just taken a delicious bite.  But as you remove the fork from your mouth — with your lips enclosed, being careful not to drag your teeth on the fork, because that sound makes some people want to scream — you realize there is an unwanted object left behind in your mouth.

What is it?  Fish skeletal fragment?  Watermelon  seed?  Brussels sprout?  Or dare we speak its name — gristle? (Even the name sounds gross, doesn’t it?)

What you may not do: spit the object into your napkin.

What you may do to remove the offending object:
1) Pinch it: move the object to the front of your mouth, pinch it with your thumb and index finger and bring it down to your plate, discreetly. Wipe your fingers on your napkin.

2) Spit it out into your cupped fingers: again discreetly.  Bring it down to your plate.  Wipe your fingers on your napkin.  This is best for slippery items, like a melon seed.  (Try to pinch that with two fingers and it might go flying and hit the person next to you.  That would be more embarrassing than anything… and please don’t ask me how I know.)

3) Take it out the way it went in: bring your fork to your lips and push the object to onto the fork.  Move the fork down to your plate. This method takes finesse — so practice at home first.

If the unwanted object came from the dinner plate, it goes back to the dinner plate and gets shoved out of sight under a piece of parsley or decorative lettuce.  It is not exiled to the bread plate.  Remember, what happens on the dinner plate, stays on the dinner plate.