Valparaiso Law School to Host International Conference

On Saturday, June 28th, Valparaiso University Law School will host scholars from Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria and the United States at its Hyde Park, Chicago venue, located on the campus of the Lutheran School of Theology. The conference will focus on Hans Kelsen, considered one of the preeminent jurists of the 20th century. Kelsen was highly influential among scholars of jurisprudence and public law and his influence has been felt in the fields of philosophy, sociology, political theory and international relations.

Nevertheless, to this day, Kelsen and his ideas are rarely considered in the U.S. legal academy.  “Although Kelsen lived here, published in English and taught at major universities, his work was largely ignored, and today very few lawyers even know who he was,” stated Jeremy Telman, Professor of Law at Valparaiso University.

This two day conference aims to explore the reasons for Kelsen’s lack of influence in the United States and to propose ways in which Kelsen’s approach to legal, political and international relations theory could be relevant to current debates in the United States.

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