Valparaiso University Law School Annual Cane Walk

On Friday, April 25, graduating Valparaiso Law students participated in the annual Cane Walk. After unveiling the class’ composite picture students walked to the Porter County Courthouse with their canes in hand.  The Cane Walk symbolizes the end of the journey from law student to lawyer. The walk was led by Valparaiso Law class advisor, Professor Bruce Berner. Upon reaching the courthouse, Professor Berner reminded students that the practice of law is a calling and as lawyers we are expected to be leaders in our communities.  

The Cane Walk began in 1923 when students began carrying canes in addition to wearing straw hats as part of the “Straw Hat Parade.”  The tradition was dropped during World War II, but was revived in honor of the law school’s 125th anniversary in 2004.