Valparaiso University Law School Students Compete at 10th Annual International Criminal Court Competition

Members of the International Moot Court Society represented Valparaiso University Law School at the 9th Annual International Criminal Court Competition in White Plains, New York. The event was hosted by Pace Law School and 15 schools participated.

Laura Baier, Richard Bogdan and Matthew Nowicki competed in the event. They were coached by Caitlin Broo. They faced representatives from a number of schools including Tulane University, Osgoode Hall Law School, University of Alabama and Pace.

Each individual submitted their own brief and argued according to their specific role. Nowicki served as the Counsel for the Prosecution. Bogdan was the Defense Counsel, and Baier functioned as the Victim’s Advocate.

The case involved a fictional civil war resulting in a number of war crimes including sex slavery and forced marriage of young girls. The competitors were asked to address three questions: whether forced marriage is a recognized crime against humanity, whether the ICC has jurisdiction to hear the case, and whether the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a sufficient judicial proceeding.