Former Student Profile: Marissa Longoria

Marissa Longoria The Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS) was initially only a dream, and now it is my dream come true. LCWS has been a true experience of a lifetime. It has opened doors of opportunity, and I have gained lifelong skills and experience. I have the chance to live and intern in Washington, D.C. during my last semester as a Valparaiso University undergrad.

I am currently an immigration intern with an organization called Ayuda. Ayuda is an organization that helps low-income immigrants deal with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). As an intern, I receive my own caseload and am responsible for researching all documentation for my clients’ cases (including making phone calls, and visiting the court for dispositions, warrants of arrests, protective orders, making sure the client has all necessary documents for our initial appointment, etc.), keeping contact and detailed notes on every case, setting up appointments with me to review the case/ documents, take personal statement(s), return phone calls and messages, and fill out the proper forms to send out to USCIS. Through this internship I have been privileged enough to meet and work with individuals from various countries and develop a whole new level of respect for those who must face the hardships of life, and the adjustments of living in the U.S. This internship and skills I have acquired will not only be useful to me now, but in my career, and for that I thank the Lutheran College Washington Semester!