Return to In-Person Instruction

From: Interim Provost Eric Johnson
To: Students and Faculty
Posted: March 12, 2021 at 8:30 a.m.

Once in-person classes resume Monday, March 15, it is expected that students and faculty will participate in their classes or laboratories following the modality that has been documented by the Registrar’s Office. If classes or laboratories are in-person or have an in-person component, students are expected to be in-person unless they are in short-term isolation or quarantine as determined by the University.  

After hearing student requests last fall, the University offered an increased number of in-person classes and laboratories this semester. The instructional format of every class was known prior to registration so that students clearly understood the modality of each class in which they chose to enroll. To meet students’ expectations and give them the best educational experience, faculty have worked hard to design and deliver their courses exactly as advertised.

The University does not guarantee that these courses can be fully completed remotely, and faculty members are not obligated to offer this option.  Many classes with in-person components cannot fully meet their learning objectives when students individually request remote participation.  

When all courses must move on-line temporarily for public health reasons such as these past two weeks, instructors adjust their classes so that all students can participate remotely and meet the same learning objectives.

We have reached the halfway point of the semester and I know it has been a challenge, but I ask you to continue to adhere to the Valpo Vow. This will allow us to not only remain in-person for classes but also ensure that we can move forward with the activities and events we have grown to enjoy each year. These weeks of the Spring semester are often some of the most memorable, especially for the seniors. My hope is that there can be some semblance of normalcy as we conclude this unusual academic year.