COVID-19 Protocol related to Student Dining

Fall 2020 Semester

Last Updated: 7/2/20

In Fall 2020, the University will provide increased alternatives for food distribution as well as utilize alternative seating arrangements and locations for dining to seek to provide a safe dining experience for all.  Students will be expected to wear masks when they are not eating, be physically distanced when not in family groups and utilizing hand sanitizing stations regularly.  


  • Chapel Break period food service meal swipe station near Chapel View lounge for quick grab breakfast food.
  • New Eco-tainer given to all students to be used for grab and go meal options.
  • Founders style board meal swipe option available at all locations to further spread out students. 

Seating changes

in areas inside and outside of the Union must be instituted to allow for the best possible arrangement of physical distancing and maximum number of available seats.  Removing soft seating for the Fall semester will also provide the easiest to clean hard table and chair surfaces.  Based on hourly meal swipe data supplied from last Fall (2019), a total of 500 seats should accommodate more than the maximum hourly swipe counts.

*In addition to Founders Table (reduced to 200 seats), hard top table and chair seating will be set up in:


  • Hearth Room
  • Grand Lounge
  • Chapel View Lounge
  • Ballroom C
  • Café


  • West Patio with table umbrellas
  • East Patio with table umbrellas

Valpo Dining

Our partners at Parkhurst have developed a thorough plan for addressing food service delivery in appropriate ways to address concerns about COVID-19 transmission.  Additional seating will be complemented by other new practices by Valpo/Parkhurst Dining.  Details regarding this plan will be uploaded to the Looking Forward page when finalized.  

Some general practices in the plan include:

  • Staff health questionnaire and temperature check daily before shift
  • Enhanced health training and glove and mask protocols for staff
  • New approved surface cleaners and sanitizers with continuous table and chair cleaning
  • Removal of self service in serveries.  All items served by staff