COVID-19 Refund Policy

2020—2021 Academic Year

Last Updated: 7/2/20

Valparaiso University is taking on significant initiatives, and incurring significant costs, to create a safe academic and residential living learning environment for the 2020—2021 Academic Year. However, there is the possibility that the University may have to cancel in-person academic instruction or terminate Housing Contracts as the result of a pandemic. This policy sets forth the extent to which students will receive a credit should either occur during the academic year.

Should the University have to cancel in-person academic instruction, it is prepared to immediately convert all academic instruction to an online format. Students will be able to continue their education remotely without further risk or delay to their educational or career goals. Students will also be able to continue to utilize many University student support services in the same manner.  As such, no credit for tuition and fees will be necessary or issued.   

Should the University have to terminate Housing Contracts, students will be required to return home or otherwise reside in off-campus housing. A credit will be issued taking into account the University’s fixed costs and additional costs incurred to lessen the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 on campus.  Any credit will be issued based upon the week in the fall or spring semester students are required to leave the residence halls, as follows (excluding spring break):

  • 50% refund week 1 through week 6
  • 45% refund week 7
  • 40% refund week 8
  • 35% refund week 9
  • 30% refund week 10
  • 25% refund week 11
  • 0% refund after week 11

The University may apply the credit to a student’s account with the University to offset any outstanding balances or apply to any future balances a student may incur.