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The Endowing of a Lectureship
In the Name of the Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP)

The graduates and friends of the Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) have covenanted together to establish an endowment that would fund a lectureship under the following guidelines:

  • That the lectureship be held biennially;
  • That the goals of the lectureship reflect some of the major ideals for which YLTP was established in 1956, namely, to enable Valparaiso University to serve the Church by;
    • Involving Valparaiso University in the Church's ministry to its families and young people;
    • Bringing attention to positive and innovative efforts to minister with youth and their families;
    • Stimulating positive conversation on behalf of young people and their families.
    • That the lectureship be held at various locations around the country, with the expressed intention of inviting area church workers and laity to attend the lectureship;

  • Past YLTP Lectures

On February 3, 2001, YLTPers and others gathered for the first YLTP Lecture. The morning began with worship in the Floria Christi Chapel led by Tom and Katherine Dretcher.  The lecture featured Dr. Marva Dawn, who spoke on "Being 'Church' with Youth: Engaging the Whole Church." Approximately 100 people attended.  Following the lecture, participants engaged Dr. Dawn in further conversation during a luncheon. Later that day, graduates of the YLTP program had the opportunity to dialogue into three of the program's early mentors: Dr. Elmer Witt, Professor Emeritus Karl Lutze, and Professor Emeritus Walter Reiner.  The evening was capped off by a Valparaiso University basketball game in the Athletic Recreation Center.

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