Mascot Committee

Mascot Committee

President José Padilla has charged the mascot committee to solicit, organize and review suggestions from the University community for the name of a new mascot or nickname for Valparaiso University. 

From the review of these submissions, the committee will send President Padilla up to four recommended mascots or nicknames for consideration. The recommendations must reflect the values, spirit and character of Valparaiso University and must have the support of at least 70% of the 10-person committee. 

President Padilla will select the new mascot or nickname from among the recommendations the committee submits for consideration. 

Please direct any questions to

Committee Members:

Franco Raimondi
Student Senate, E-Sports, Freshman

Student Athlete:
Eron Gordon
Men’s Basketball, Senior

Faculty Representative:
Joseph Bognar
Associate Professor of Music, alumnus class of 1994

Staff Representative:
Briana Scheffer
Admissions Communication Manager, alumna class of 2016

Alumni Representative:
Danielle Carter Iddins
Alumni Association Secretary, alumna class of 2006

Pastor James Wetzstein
University Pastor

Communications Department:
Nicole Niemi
Chief Communications Officer, alumna class of 1996

Chief Diversity Officer:
Byron Martin
Interim Assistant Provost for Inclusion and Retention

Athletic Department:
Mark LaBarbera
Athletic Director

Finance & Administration:
Tamara Gingerich
Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller

Steve Janowiak
Vice President for Student Life