On Friday, February 5, students Peter Jones and Matthew Eifert will deliver their capstone Math 499 presentations.

Join us at 3:30pm in GEM 120.

Matthew Eifert, The Use of the Weibull Distribution in Baseball Forecasting
Bill James revolutionized the game of baseball and the way that statisticians look at it.  By creating the Pythagorean Won-Loss Formula, James was able to display a new way to look at the successes and failures of teams.  In this talk I will show how the three-parameter Weibull distribution is used in proving the Pythagorean Won-Loss Formula.  I will also touch on how Weibull’s can be used to model other sports and activities.
Peter Jones, The Prisoner’s Dilemma in Jeopardy!
The Prisoner’s Dilemma has become one of the most well-known game theory topics. However, with this prominence comes the inevitable misuse of the terminology. This talk will focus on a scenario known by the name of “the Prisoner’s Dilemma” to see if it does befit the title, or is just a misnomer based on what is commonly known about mathematics.
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