Faculty from the department of Mathematics and Statistics were active at the Indiana Section meeting of the Mathematical Association of America held March 18-19 at Franklin College.

Assistant Professor Alex Capaldi attended as section treasurer and participated in the executive board and business meetings.

Assistant Professor Mindy Capaldi served as a panelist in a session on Alternative Assessment Techniques.

Assistant Professor Tiffany Kolba gave a joint talk on Modeling Games with Markov Chains with senior mathematics major Shannon Segin.

Assistant Professor Karl Schmitt co-led a workshop for undergraduate students entitled “Math+Gaming=Mathing” with Martha Byrne of Earlham College.

Assistant Professor Paul Drube, Associate Professors Ken Luther, Lara Pudwell, and Pat Sullivan, and Associate Provost Rick Gillman also attended the meeting.

In addition, mathematics majors Andrew Brouch, Cecilia LaCroix, Bill Mackelfresh, Brittany Reynolds, Shannon Segin, and Nichole Smith attended the meeting and participated in the annual Indiana Collegiate Mathematics Competition.

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