Six faculty and eight students from the Mathematics and Statistics department attended the Indiana Section meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, held March 24-25 at Earlham College.  Associate Professor Alex Capaldi participated in the executive board meeting and section business meeting as treasurer and was elected to a one-year extension of his term.  Assistant Professor Tiffany Kolba gave a talk on “Probabilistic Analysis of Twin, Triplet, and Quadruplet Zygosity Type Frequencies”.  Associate Professor Lara Pudwell was elected 2017-2018 vice chair and 2018-2019 chair of the section.  Assistant Professors Paul Drube and Karl Schmitt and Associate Professor Pat Sullivan also attended the meeting.  Math and Statistics majors Davina Boykin, Liam Hill, Chris Hoag, Samuel Iselin, Benjamin Levandowski, Jon Metcalfe, Sammantha Nowak-Wolff, and Thomas Shomer also attended the meeting and participated in the annual Indiana Friendly undergraduate mathematics competition.


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