The Statistics/Data Science Colloquium, held weekly during the academic year, offers students the opportunity to explore how statistics and data science are used in practice in a wide range of applied fields.

The Statistics/Data Science Colloquium appears in the course catalog as STAT/DATA 299, 399 and 499.  Each week, students read, write about, and discuss current media or journal articles involving statistics and data science. There are also increasing responsibilities throughout the sequence:

  • During their sophomore year, students in STAT/DATA 299 conduct peer review of project proposals written by STAT/DATA 399 students and peer evaluations of project presentations by STAT/DATA 499 students. These peer review and evaluation assignments help STAT/DATA 299 students prepare for when they will have to do their own capstone projects.
  • During their junior year, students in STAT/DATA 399 write a formal proposal for their capstone project.
  • During their senior year, students in STAT/DATA 499 deliver a professional-style 20-minute oral presentation on their capstone project to the statistics/data science colloquium, and also have the opportunity to present a poster about their project at the annual University-wide Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression.

STAT/DATA 299 and 399 together fulfill the writing-in-the-disciplines requirement for the statistics, data science, and actuarial science majors, while STAT/DATA 499 fulfills the writing capstone requirement.