Ethnic Cleansing in American Culture

Presenter 4: Gregory Jones, Ph.D., Lecturer in theology

Abstract: Review of the various models imposed on domestic and international minority community to regulate, control, and sustain mainstream Western ideological and social norms.

Key themes will be: violence, incarceration, education, cultural/social/political manipulation. The presentation will review the impact of Western society’s obsession and fear of scarcity on the indigenous, domestic, and international communities of color now residing in American society. The scope of the presentation will seek to focus on the pathological impacts this obsession has made on the health and development of these communities. Using the historical record of American societies’ use of violence to obtain and sustain the products of this obsession toward material wealth, the presentation will focus on and identify the various themes influential in evolving negative stress models within the communities of color in pursuit of the Western societies’ obsession.

We will also provide some alternatives to dismantle some of these negative patterns in communities of color.