Sandhya Bhandari

Sandhya Bhandari (she/her/hers) Graudate OMP Intern

Sandhya Bhandari is our Graduate intern. She is doing her Master’s in International Economics and Finance and she will graduate in December 2023.  In addition to being part of our staff, Sandhya is a member of the Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) where she addresses international students’ problems and proposes solutions to overcome those problems.

Sandhya said the OMP has a peaceful environment. She thinks that there are a lot of things she needs to learn being a freshman as well as an international student. She likes how her supervisor takes initiative and makes her learn every single detail of the work. Most of all, she loves to volunteer and participate in every event hosted by the OMP because she gets to learn so many things including different cultures and traditions.

Sandhya’s aim is to be a Business Analyst. However, she is planning in attaining a Ph.D. afterward because learning is a never-ending process.

Sandhya’s most impressive and relevant achievements:

She was a Korf-ball player at her school.
She won an inter-school dance competition.
She was the topper of her batch during her undergraduate College in Nepal.

One quirky fact about Sandhya

She is an arachnophobic person and She loves sweets.