Ensemble Auditions at Valpo

Ensemble auditions

When are auditions?

Auditions for ensemble placement occur during the week of Fall Welcome in August. Some auditions will require a callback. Ensemble rosters are set by the end of that week.

Who should audition?

All Valpo students are invited to participate in the ensemble auditions for the Department of Music. Students who participated in the November or February auditions for the Department of Music are still required to audition for an ensemble in the fall.  If you are a recipient of a music scholarship, please consult your award letter for a description of the ensembles for which you are assigned to take an audition.

Ensembles that require an audition are:

Men’s Ensemble
Women’s Choir

Chamber Concert Band
Luce Concert Band
Jazz Ensemble

Symphony Orchestra

How are auditions scheduled?

Please fill out the card in your Music Audition card in your FOCUS folder and return it to the Music Table at the Student Services Fair (FOCUS, Day One) or at the Closing Session (FOCUS, Day Two). After June 30, you may also request an audition by contacting the Music Office at music@valpo.edu.

If you don’t schedule an audition in advance, there will still be opportunities to sign up for an audition slot when you arrive on campus for Fall Welcome. Come to the VUCA (Center for the Arts) and sign up on the audition sheets outside of rooms 1518 and 1519.


What will happen at my audition?

For choral auditions, there is no preparation required. At the audition, the conductors will test your vocal range and take you through a variety of listening and singing exercises.

For concert band auditions and for jazz auditions, come to the Center for the Arts and collect the required audition excerpts, which you will play at the time of the audition. Excerpts will be available outside VUCA 1518. You do not need a prepared piece. There are practice rooms in the Center for the Arts for you to use in preparation.

For orchestra auditions, you will be invited to play a portion of a prepared piece of your choice. There will also be a required audition excerpt, available outside VUCA 1518 prior to your audition. There are practice rooms in the Center for the Arts for you to use in preparation.

What happens if I audition into an ensemble different from the one on my schedule of classes?

Come to the first rehearsal of the ensemble into which you placed. You should be able to make the registration change electronically through the DataVU system.  If you experience difficulties, please come to the Music Office in the VUCA for assistance.


To all incoming students receiving scholarships in percussion, clarinet, flute, bassoon, oboe, horn, trumpet, trombone or tuba:

You will be scheduled for one instrumental audition for both band and orchestra consideration in August, before your final ensemble placement is determined.  At summer FOCUS orientation, you will have an opportunity to request your August audition appointment time.  We will continue to be in contact with you over the summer months to finalize details of your ensemble audition.

For this audition, you will be invited to play a one to two-minute segment of a piece of your choice, either solo or ensemble music, which shows your fluency and musical accuracy.  There will also be a required audition excerpt available outside VUCA 1518 prior to your audition.

To ensure maximum flexibility for your eventual ensemble placement, please leave the following times open in your fall class schedule.  Scheduling of classes takes place in June and August at summer FOCUS.

Monday:  3:30 until 5:30
Tuesday:  5:15 until 6:30
Wednesday: 3:30 until 6:30
Thursday:  5:15 until 6:30
Friday:  3:30 until 5:30

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