Through a program of leadership and service awards, Student Affairs recognizes the many contributions that students make to the University and/or local community. The Outstanding Leadership and Service Award, in particular, is given annually to senior students in recognition of the depth and breadth of the leadership and service they provide to the University and/or local community. The seniors selected to receive this award will receive a recognition plaque.

The following students were chosen by the selection committee to receive this recognition for spring 2020:

Brenna M. Bailey
Lesley C. Barajas
Katherine C. Bassett
Ellie J. Benz
Annika C. Brown
Samantha C. Burgett
Jade E. Curless
Daniel J. Dalenberg
Laurel W. Emerson
Bailey C. Flemming
Benjamin J. Ganswindt
Ulises E. Hernandez
Duaa S. Hijaz
Madison R. Morehead
Eseosasere A. Okundaye
Christopher R. Rekitzke
Connor M. Russell
Maxwell J. Shiller
Braden I. Sim
Mark D. Young