Drew Groth found a home in a place he never thought possible.

“When I took a tour of Valparaiso University that gut feeling happened and it felt like the place for me,” Drew said. “Valpo felt like my home in Indiana even though I had never even been here before. I think that’s what really made me choose Valpo.”

Drew, a Founders Scholarship recipient and actuarial science and finance major, immediately knew that he had made the right decision when he first came to school in the fall and attended the activities organized for freshman. He met a lot of people who shared his values, which helped him to adjust right away. Soon, Drew was joining clubs and activities, which prepared him for his academic career ahead.

“One way Valparaiso is really preparing me for my future career and future service beyond college is that there are a lot of opportunities here,” Drew said. “Some people look at Valpo and they just see a small campus, but all that means is there is a lot to get involved in.”

Through many activities, Drew has taken the time to get involved here on campus. First of all, he joined the math research program, which taught him to interact with a small team of his peers under the guidance of a professor. This personal interaction with his professors extended to the classroom, building a strong academic relationship, which inspired him to achieve. The math research program helped Drew prepare for a summer internship in his field, which he received with the support of letters of recommendation from his professors.

Drew would like to work primarily with his actuarial science degree after graduation. Although actuarial scientists often work for insurance companies, Drew would like to work for a consulting firm, where he would process rates for smaller companies that couldn’t hire their own actuaries.

Philanthropy is another huge part of Drew’s extra-curricular activities at Valpo. The honor council he volunteers for helps to promote the importance of academic integrity. Phi Kappa Psi, Drew’s fraternity, supports many philanthropic events such as the VU Day of Caring.

“The VU Day of Caring every year is a great opportunity to get out and give back to your community,” Drew said. “Events like this make you realize that there is something much greater than you out there and it’s really important that you give back to that.”

Even though Drew knew he wanted to attend Valpo from the first tour, finances were still a huge component in his decision-making process. His decision to choose Valpo wasn’t completely achievable until he received the Founders Scholarship. Then he knew that Valparaiso University was where he was supposed to be.

“I’d really like to thank the people who funded the scholarship that I’m here on,” Drew said. “Honestly, some of the opportunities that I’ve had here would not have even been possible without your donations. I just really appreciate it because I couldn’t have asked for anything more out of my college career.”

The Valpo Fund supports many support students like Drew; to make your contribution, visit valpo.edu/givetovu.