On the heels of a successful relationship-building trip to Germany by President Mark A. Heckler in March, plans are being made for next year when the Valparaiso University Chorale and a group of alumni will visit Germany.

The Chorale will make its fourth trip to Germany next year to join the 800th anniversary celebration of the St. Thomas church in Leipzig. At the same time, an alumni trip to Germany will take place, with the Chorale and alumni crossing at several points during their respective trips.

For those interested in learning more about the alumni trip to Germany, contact Jeff Hazewinkel at jeff.hazewinkel@valpo.edu. Visit valpo.edu/music/ensembles/vu_chorale.php to learn more about the Chorale.

In early March, President Heckler traveled to Germany to celebrate Valparaiso University’s partnership in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg and to honor Wolf Brixner and Olga Hellmich Brixner, who have taught and provided other support for decades at Valparaiso University’s study center in Reutlingen.

Since 1986, more than 1,000 Valparaiso University students have called Reutlingen a second home. Wolf Brixner is retiring after 40 years of teaching for Valparaiso University and Olga is retiring after 14 years of teaching for Valparaiso University.

The president’s trip also served as a way to recognize and strengthen ties with Valparaiso University alumni who are living in Germany and nearby, as well as support long-term objectives of the University’s Strategic Plan: expanding the University’s international engagement.

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