Valparaiso University offers programs and facilities often only found at much larger institutions.

With all of that come opportunities that are hard to match. Kyle Hansen has taken advantage of those opportunities, as he talks about in his video.

Kyle, an engineering major from Rochelle, Ill., not only benefited from one-on-one faculty mentoring in the highly regarded College of Engineering. He also got to work on the construction of the newest building on campus, the Donald V. Fites Engineering Innovation Center, as part of an engineering internship.

Engineering students aren’t the only ones who engage in hands-on experiences at Valpo. Students take on internships at a diverse range of businesses and nonprofits, and even on campus, such as in the marketing and communication department, information technology office, and elsewhere.<

When you’re ready, the Career Center will help with placement in the working world or graduate school — all part of the Valpo advantage.