Valparaiso University recently was honored by Best College Reviews when the Chapel of the Resurrection was named one of the most beautiful collegiate chapels in the world. The Chapel was ranked 27th among other famous chapels across the globe.

“The Chapel of the Resurrection in Valparaiso, Indiana, is considered the biggest university-oriented cathedral in the U.S. and the second largest university cathedral in the world,” says Best College Review. The review is accompanied by a photo showing the prized stained glass surrounding the nave.

The Chapel of the Resurrection has served as the focal point for the Lutheran faith on campus for more than 50 years since its dedication in 1959. During the summer of 2012, the Chapel was closed for renovation; work was completed before classes began in the fall. The renovation included replacement of the clear nave windows, replacement of piping to accommodate an upgrade in the heating and ventilation system, as well as cleaning and repairing the Chapel organs.

President Mark Heckler noted that the Chapel of the Resurrection stands “as the centerpiece of campus and the heart of worship, service, leadership, and reconciliation for the campus community.”

As a central location for campus ministries, the Chapel hosts eight weekly church services, including Sunday morning service, Sunday evening candlelight service, a mid-week praise service, and a daily morning prayer. The Chapel also sponsors SALT, the Social Action Leadership Team, and has welcomed many speakers and musical performances.

“For me, the Chapel is more than a beautiful building,” said Jenni Sechrist, chair of SALT. “It is a community of people coming together for a common purpose.”

Clearly visible from U.S. 30, the Chapel of the Resurrection is a Midwest landmark that Valparaiso University is proud to call its own. Click here to read the Best College Review article and visit for more information about the Chapel of the Resurrection and its current events.