Christ College has been an influential part of sophomore Michelle Sopetti’s college experience since she first showed interest at Valparaiso University. Although she is a biology/pre-med major, she enjoys the humanities offered to her through the honors college.

“I chose Valpo because of Christ College,” Sopetti said. “After I visited CC, I was sold on the program. I loved the people in it, I loved the community it represents, and all the things we were going to get to study.”

Sopetti has been able to branch out from the sciences to obtain a broader knowledge of her faith and that of the people around her through Christ College. The general knowledge, wisdom, and critical thinking developed there are essential for her future career plans of attending graduate school to become a physical therapist.

Christ College gave Sopetti the opportunity to experience a defining moment of her time here at Valpo. Through Christ College she was given a “little sibling,” a freshman to give advice to and help guide through their first year at Valpo. When Sopetti was talking to her little sibling, it clicked that ever since her first overnight visit, she knew that Valpo was going to be her home away from home. Sopetti wanted her little sibling to have the same positive experience.

Sopetti felt a strong sense of community within the students that she met on her visit and since she began attending Valparaiso. She has also been guided by the faculty and staff, her professors encouraging her to achieve and serve.

“Valpo is preparing me for a life of continued service and learning,” Sopetti said. “I am much more in tune with who I am and who I want to be as a person because of Valpo.”

Involvement in Christ College and an academically rigorous pre-med program keep Sopetti busy, but she still finds time to be involved in many extracurricular activities on campus. Some of her activities are related to her area of study, such as Biology Club and Chemistry Club. She is the historian for Biology Club, giving her an opportunity to go beyond the responsibilities of a member at large.

Sopetti is also involved in the competitive Ballroom Dance team, which gives her a chance to relax from academics and be involved with a club that is both physical and artistic. The team practices up to five times a week and travels to competitions in the region.

Lastly, Sopetti has the opportunity to give back to her community through Alpha Lambda Delta, the service honor society. Through this club, she volunteers and participates in philanthropic events with fellow students both on campus and in the community. One such event was a mission trip to New Orleans, which became another influential moment during her time at Valpo.

“One of the moments that I will most remember about my Valpo experience is the mission trip that I went on,” Sopetti said. “Last spring, I went on a trip to New Orleans with SALT, the Social Action Leadership Team, and my whole perspective was changed.”

As a recipient of the Founders Scholarship, Sopetti knows that her time at Valpo would not have been possible without the generous gifts from Valparaiso University alumni and friends. To support students like Sopetti, visit

“Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and given me the Founders Scholarship,” Sopetti said. “I am so blessed and so, so grateful.”

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