A Cornerstone of Curriculum and Research

As high-profile cyber incidents become more frequent and more costly, both industry and government have begun the search for qualified and professional cyber experts that can help protect their systems. Filling this national and international demand for digital security requires skilled individuals with practical experience and a deep understanding of the field.

To support fostering these critical skills through hands-on practice working in a live computing environment, VU’s specialists have created a server complex to support cyber security courses, projects, and research. These systems and servers, based in our own on-campus facility, allow our faculty to recreate system vulnerabilities and real-world scenarios in a wide variety of settings. The restricted network and appliances comprising this environment provide a powerful suite of assets for illustrating the big picture – and getting down into the details of a specific configuration.

Through simulations and comprehensive lab exercises with professional-grade tools, you’ll have the opportunity to gain immediate experience combating digital threats. By working in real-time with complex networks and diverse system architectures, students gain an increased appreciation for the realities and difficulties of the digital realm. These platforms also make it possible for faculty members to directly demonstrate concepts, adding a richer dimension to the instructional environment.

Using these servers, you’ll act as more than just the mainstay of information systems support and network security. You’ll even perform offensive exercises of your own, learning how criminals and opponents approach vulnerabilities so you can anticipate and prevent more sophisticated breaches. Some courses will incorporate live competitive exercises to hone your skills at monitoring and response, with other students joining you on defense or offense.

Because this is intended as a learning environment, VU also offers help desk service and support for questions or problems that arise when working with the server.

Since the servers operate within our on-campus facility, you’ll have access to all of these exercises without any additional hosting costs or fees. Though complete use of the server cloud will only be available during certain courses, limited data usage will be possible at any time during the program for you to experiment with your studies and practice on your own.

This initiative is just one of the many ways the master’s degree in cyber security program can provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to enter this growing, critical profession. In the hands of our leading faculty, our server environment becomes more than just a powerful learning tool. It is a valuable armament in the international fight against cyber terrorism.

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