Colloquium for September 17, 2021

Simulation of Quantum Devices & Getting through Grad School

John Eric Tiessen (VU ‘2016), PhD Student, UIC

Abstract: The simulation of quantum devices is a critical step in the development of new technologies such as quantum computing. However, even the simplest proposed quantum devices require rigorous study and simulation before they are tested experimentally. In this presentation two such devices will be presented along with a brief description of the methods used to simulate them and partially validate their hypothesized behaviour.

In addition to describing these devices the topic of graduate school will be discussed as well. Getting through graduate school isn’t as simple as showing up to class and acing your exams. Graduate school requires planning and setting goals for oneself to make sure that they are on track and are setting themselves up for success post graduation. We will go over the basic timeline of graduate studies and go over the personal experiences of one graduate student (John Eric Tiessen).