Homecoming Speaker: Chris Pagan (’02)

Physics Degree: Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Chris Pagan — University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


You are about to complete your degree in physics, now what? Apply for
graduate school, commission into the military, join the workforce? There are
number of opportunities out there for individuals with a degree in physics. With
my physics degree, I have been able to explore many different career
opportunities in different parts of the country. I will share about my past
experiences and lessons learned, as well as the opportunities in my current
field, Health Physics.

About the Speaker:
Chris received his Valpo degree in 2002. He was a member of the football team as well as Phi Delta Theta,
and did undergraduate research in astronomy. Later, Chris returned to school and earned an M.S. in Health
Physics from IIT. He has been a planetarium director at two different science museums as well as a physics
teacher, and he is currently a radiation safety specialist for the UT Southwestern Medical Center.