Why Physics & Astronomy?

A Physics or Astronomy major is perfect for people who want to learn more about
how the natural world works.

  • Physics and astronomy underlie all the sciences. We get to the foundations of scientific knowledge, from the tiniest particles to galactic superclusters and everything in between.
  • With both majors, you will learn the creative and powerful ways that we examine physical processes: mathematical models, computer simulation, and experimentation.
  • Want to work in a science, engineering, or technical field and work on interesting, impactful, and important problems? Physics and astronomy prepare you for that, with our focus on analytical problem solving, data analysis, and communication skills in the context of meaningful exploration of our universe. Any employer looking for smart people with  technical skills and the ability to learn new things knows they will find that in students with physics and astronomy degrees.
  • Physics and Astronomy pairs well with so many other majors and minors, expanding your skill set and career options: mathematics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, biology, meteorology, materials science, and even less obvious areas, such as communications (public science), art (computer animation and gaming), kinesiology (movement), business (entrepreneurship), history & philosophy (history of science), law (patents), etc.
Double major
Majors go to Graduate School
Average starting salary (STEM private sector, BS degree)