Interested in Working as a Scribe?

ScribeAmerica Hiring Scribes Again!

My name is Elizabeth Berrios and I am a recruiter for ScribeAmerica, a company that hires and trains medical scribes for physicians. This email is to provide information about a truly unique employment opportunity for students interested in careers in medicine. Our company is currently looking to recruit students to work as part-time, full-time, day-shift and night-shift Scribes in Rensselaer, Ind. The scribe will work side by side with physicians assisting with documentation for each patient evaluated by the doctor. It is an exceptional opportunity for any student interested in medicine to gain firsthand experience following a physician.

The role of a scribe is to closely collaborate with their assigned physician by documenting the history of each patient evaluated, the doctor’s physical examination, the results of laboratory/radiological studies ordered, and the eventual diagnosis and disposition. Becoming a scribe provides the student with first-rate exposure to medical terminology, disease processes, emergency procedures, medications, and the medical decision making process performed by the physicians.

This job is not for everyone; the complexity of the material and fast-paced environment necessitate that only the sharpest and most motivated students succeed as a scribe. We are looking for dependable and hard-working employees that have a desire for an eventual career in medicine or are interested in learning more about careers in medicine. There are multiple shifts (both day and night) and each shift consists of following a single physician, usually lasting eight to 12 hours. It is expected that each scribe can commit to two shifts per week for at least two years.

Paid classroom and clinical training is provided. The training is extensive and intense. Each employee will have multiple training sessions both in the classroom and the emergency department during which we teach the flow of the emergency room, extensive medical terminology, and appropriate medical/legal documentation.

There is a flyer attached to this email providing more information about the positions and how to apply. We would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to forward this email to any of your students that are interested in careers in medicine or any students with an interest in learning more about medicine.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity which has demonstrated itself to be excellent experience for students preparing for careers in medicine. Our past employees that excelled as scribes have gone on to receive outstanding evaluations in their clinical years and residencies.

For more information, you may also visit our website, Please contact me if you have any questions about our program.



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