Laura Rowe

Laura Rowe

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Neils Science Center 144


Bioanalytical chemistry


Post-Doc – Cambridge University, U.K. (2009–2011)
Ph.D. in Bio-Analytical Chemistry – University of Kentucky (2008)
B.S. – University of Kentucky (2002)

Research Interests

Creating new fluorescent unnatural amino acids and evolving the translational machinery in E. coli to incorporate these unnatural amino acids into proteins, using various unnatural amino acids to make sensors and detection systems for important physiological analytes


  • Daunert, Sylvia; Deo, Sapna, Dikici, Emre; Rowe, Laura. Aequorin and obelin mutants with different wavelengths and bioluminescence and their uses in screening inhibitors of HIV-1 protease, U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ., 2008, Patent No. US20050214776.
  • Daunert, Sylvia; Joel, Smita; Turner, Kendrick; Rowe, Laura. Polypeptides, Systems, and Methods Useful for Detecting Glucose, 2011, Patent No. US20110117661.
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Book Chapters:
  • Rowe, Laura; Teasley, Krystal; Qu, Xiaoge; Ensor, Mark; Deo, Sapna; Daunert, Sylvia. “Recombinant Aequorin Based Systems for Biomarker Analysis”, Handbook of Biosensors and Biochips, John Wiley & Sons, 2007.
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Journal Articles:
  • Qu, Xiaoge; Rowe, Laura; Dikici, Emre; Ensor, Mark; Daunert, Sylvia. “Thermostable Aequorin Mutants”,  Bioanal. Chem 406 (23), 5639-5643, 2014.
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  • American Chemical Society
  • Chemists Without Borders


  • Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grant, Pittsburgh Conference, Instrument Grant, 2014 ($9,500)