Thomas E. Goyne, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Neils Science Center, Room 239
219.464.5378 (phone)
219.464.5489 (fax)


Ph.D. — University of California-Los Angeles (1983)
B.S. —  Union College (1978)


The role of chloramines and other reactive oxidants in killing of microbes by neutrophils.


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  • Yasuhiko Araki, Diane C. Dobrowolski, Thomas E. Goyne, Douglas C. Hanson, Zhi Q. Jiang, Kenneth J. Lee, and Christopher S. Foote. “Chemistry of Singlet Oxygen. 47. 9,10-Dicyanoanthracene-Sensitized Photooxygenation of Alkyl-Substituted Olefins” Journal of the American Chemical Society 1984, 106, 4570-4576
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American Chemical Society, Council of Undergraduate Research, Midwestern Association of Chemistry Teachers in Liberal Arts Colleges (MACTLAC)


  • UCLA Chemistry Department Teaching Assistant Awards – 1978-1979 and 1979-1980
  • UCLA Department Fellowship – 1983
  • NIH Institutional Traineeship in Tumor Biology – 1984
  • NIH Institutional Traineeship in Carcinogenesis – 1986
  • Outstanding Chemistry Lecturer, California State University-Long Beach – 1987-1988
    (chosen by the CSULB chemistry students)
  • Award for Teaching Excellence at the Freshman Level – 1994
  • Alpha Lambda Delta (freshman honor society)