What major should I choose?

There are no hard, fast guidelines for suggested undergraduate coursework. The American Bar Association recommends that instead of focusing on a specific major, students pursue a course of study that is challenging and interesting and that also develops research, writing, and critical thinking skills. These abilities, measured through your GPA and LSAT score, will carry infinitely more weight with law school admissions staff than merely having law-related courses on your transcript.  As narrowly focused and intense as law school is, take the opportunity to explore now!

At Valpo, Pre-Law students major in everything from History and English to Art, Education, and Computer Science. Valpo does not have a specific Pre-Law major, nor do many other colleges and universities across the country.  In fact, law schools usually prefer students who have completed traditional majors over students with tailor-made "Pre-Law" majors. You can go to law school with any major.
When choosing a major, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Some legal careers require expertise beyond the law, and this might determine your major.  For example, if you are certain that you want to practice environmental law, you probably should major in Environmental Science or Biology.  Students interested in practicing corporate law, should choose a major in the College of Business Administration.

  • A rigorous course of study is better than an easy course of study.  If law schools think you have chosen an “easy” major, they might count this against you.  A “rigorous course of study” does not necessarily mean a double major with multiple minors.  It is the quality, not the quantity, that counts.

  • You should choose a major that you are interested in, because you will be more likely to do well in courses that you enjoy.  Obviously, grade point average is very important in the law school admissions process.

Among the most popular majors for Valpo Pre-Law students are History and Political Science. The political science department offers a concentration in Legal Studies.  Valpo also offers majors in Communications Law and Criminology.