J.D./M.A. in Psychology

The J.D./M.A. psychology option augments the J.D. with a 30-credit M.A. in psychology. This program requires a total of 108 credits for both degrees and provides a general foundation in theories of personality and counseling. Coursework in professional issues and ethics for mental health counselors, as well as integrative work in law and psychology, is also required. This program is suited for law students whose practice may require understanding of and sensitivity to psychosocial issues (family law, mental health, children, the elderly, social services, etc.), but may also benefit others planning to work in settings where an understanding of human behavior is advantageous. This degree does not prepare students as mental health professionals.


J.D./M.A. Psychology (in addition to meeting the J.D. requirements)
Core Requirements 15 credits
COUN 660 Helping Relationships: Counseling Theories 3 credits
COUN 693 Foundations of Professional & Ethical Issues in Counseling 3 credits
PSY 700 Law & Psychology: Integrative Project 3 credits
Select six credits from the following:
LAW 245 Intellectual Assessment 3 credits
LAW 485 Assessment of Social & Emotional Functioning 2 credits
LAW 486 Advanced Topics in Counseling 3 credits
LAW 487 Independent Study 3 credits
LAW 488 Psychology & Law 2 credits
LAW 495 B Special Topics in Psychology (with departmental approval) 3 credits
LAW 495K Special Topics in Psychology (with departmental approval) 3 credits
LAW 662 Legal Clinic 2-3 credits
Electives in Psychology/Counseling 15 credits

More information on the program can be found in the Graduate Catalog and Student Handbook.

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