Posted 3/25/20

Updated 4/7/20

Registration for Summer and Fall 2020 will open on April 6th. Students view their individual registration start time by going to

DataVU – Students Menu – Academic Profile – Student Restrictions – Web Registration Info

Students who will be taking classes and did not receive a registration time may email for assistance.

To view the course schedule for Summer and Fall 2020, go to

DataVU – Students Menu – Registration – Search for Sections

To prepare for advising and registration:

  • Make an appointment with your primary advisor. Advisors are using Google Meet, WebEx, email, and phone calls to conduct advising this semester. Once you finalize the academic plan together, your advisor will resolve the advising restriction on your account.
    • If you are a Christ College student, please make an appointment also with the Assistant Dean of Christ College.
  • If you have any account holds shown under Student Restrictions, resolve them before your registration start time. If the “Current Restrictions (Holds)” list is blank, you do not have any holds to resolve.
    • A list of general Student Restrictions and Contact Information is available online.
    • Only balances of $3,000 or more restrict registration. Student Accounts uses a separate notification for balances under $3,000 that allows registration without delay.
  • If you plan to change any majors or minors, submit a Curriculum Change eForm as early as possible. Some courses are reserved for students with a related major or minor.

Please watch the DataVU Registration Tutorial for assistance with resolving holds, selecting courses, and online registration.

DataVU Registration – Video Tutorial

Registration services are unavailable between midnight and 7:00 am Central Time for systems maintenance. Registration changes made during this time will result in a message stating “It’s too early for your registration time.” Please retry after the maintenance window.

Your primary advisor and the Office of the Registrar are happy to answer any questions you have as we look forward to the summer and fall semesters.