Mission Statement:

Residential Life works to provide safe and comfortable living and learning communities. We intentionally design programs, services, and leadership opportunities to foster an environment conducive to achieving academic goals, personal growth, and the development of community.

About Valpo Residential Life:

Our eight residence halls and two apartment complexes are home to 2,000 undergraduate students. Of these residence halls, one houses members of Valpo’s six national sororities. All first-year, sophomore, and junior students are required to live in approved University housing.

Residentiality is a key component of the mission of Valparaiso University. The residence halls are central to this effort by providing living and learning experiences that contribute to the growth and development of students while enhancing their overall education at Valpo. Residential Life provides various programs, services, and leadership opportunities, which promote the student learning mission.

Departmental Goals/Learning Outcomes:

The goals of Residential Life are outlined through outcome statements, reflecting what is hoped students will learn through their experience of living in the residence halls. The learning outcomes provide a foundation for staff training, student group advising, hall programming, and other departmental initiatives. The outcomes are grouped into three areas.


Goal: To assist students to grow intellectually, to draw connections between learning in the classroom and in the residence hall, to support students’ academic work, and to promote student/faculty interaction.


Goal: To assist students to develop their individual potential, to learn self-management and leadership skills, to develop holistic, healthy lifestyles, and to help guide their faith and spiritual development.


Goal: To assist students to understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and their interconnectedness with a larger and diverse society.

Programs and community development opportunities are designed with these three goals in mind. The Residential Life staff, under the direction of the Residential Learning Coordinator, then develop objectives for reaching these goals that focus on the three unique populations that make up our residential communities: The First-Year Experience, The Second-Year Experience, and The Final Years.