Upperclass Living Learning Communities

Brothers Reaching Out (B.R.O.) Community

The Brothers Reaching Out (B.R.O.) community is part of the Chapel ministry outreach. This community is designed to create fellowship and support for men who want to grow in their faith and enact their values through service. Men in this group meet regularly to support each other, to increase understanding of their faith, and to serve their community.

Why should I join?

Students who are part of this community strive to minister to each other, grow in their leadership skills, and serve their community. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop personal faith, put the goal of service into action, and mentor other men in their spiritual journey.

Sisters in Spirit (S.I.S.) Community

The Sisters in Spirit (S.I.S.) community is part of the Chapel ministry outreach. S.I.S. is a community of women looking to help each other reach their full potential in Christ. Student groups include first-year through senior students who meet to share, learn, and grow in their Christian faith. This community offers the opportunity for women to engage in service projects, support each other in their spiritual life, and explore relevant topics from a faith-based lens.

Why should I join?

This community offers a small support community and the chance to share life experiences with other women of faith. This is a wonderful way to reflect on and find support for your faith journey, to do service projects, and to develop deeper friendships.

If you’re interested in joining B.R.O. or S.I.S., please contact Pastor Charlene Cox at the Chapel of the Resurrection or at charlene.cox@valpo.edu.

Language Houses

German Language & Culture Community

The German Language & Culture Community is a German language immersion program within the Kade-Duesenberg German Language House and Cultural Center. Residents of the German House come together around a shared love of German activities and culture. A native-speaking German program assistant coordinates the community’s development and programming. Space is limited to 11-13 participants.

Application materials may be found on the German House website: valpo.edu/germanhouse.

Why should I join?

This house provides a wonderful opportunity for you to improve your spoken German skills, to live in a small community, and to enhance your understanding of German culture.

La Maison Française Community

La Maison Française is a French language immersion program. Students who participate in La Maison Française commit to living in an intentional environment where they can improve their language skills as well as live in a community of those who share their love of French culture.

Application materials may be found on the French House website: valpo.edu/foreignlanguages/french/frenchhouse.php.

Why should I join?

This community allows students to practice their French language skills, to build relationships with native French students and others interested in French culture, to and participate in programs within a small, friendly community.