Central Office Staff

The Residential Life office is located on the second floor in the Harre Union, Suite 250. Our Central Office staff offer a wide range of experience and diverse skill set and are committed to the continued success of each student living on campus.

Ryan D. Blevins
Assistant Dean of Students for Residential Life                                Office: 219.464.5413

Karen Nelli
Assistant Director for Housing Operations
Office: 219.464.5413
Email: karen.nelli@valpo.edu

Katie Bye
Assistant Director for Staffing and Programming
Office: 219.464.5413
Email: katie.bye@valpo.edu

Brandi Kneifel
Administrative Assistant
Residential Life
Office: 219.464.5413
Email: brandi.kneifel@valpo.edu

Residential Learning Coordinators

The Residential Learning Coordinator (RLC) is a professional member of the Student Affairs staff who actively promotes student learning in the residence halls while enhancing the quality of life for students living on-campus. Reporting to the Assistant Dean for Residential Life, the RLC serves under the general auspices of the Dean of Students’ office. Each RLC supervises a student staff of Resident Assistants and oversees the daily functions of a residence hall, or group of halls.


Jake Starr
Residential Learning Coordinator
Alumni Hall
Office: 219.464.6005
Email: jacob.starr@valpo.edu

Kristina Bryant
Residential Learning Coordinator
Beacon Hall
Office: 219.464.5977
Email: kristina.bryant@valpo.edu

Katelyn Wilson
Residential Learning Coordinator
Brandt Hall
Office: 219.464.6007

Emily Krabach
Residential Learning Coordinator
Guild/Memorial Halls,
Kade-Duesenberg German House
Office: 219.464.5763

Emma Pisello
Residential Learning Coordinator
Lankenau Hall
Office: 219.464.6002
Email: emma.pisello@valpo.edu

Noelle Pease
Residential Learning Coordinator
Sorority Housing Complex & Uptown East Apartments & Promenade East Apartments

Office: 219.548.6745
Email: noelle.pease@valpo.edu

Nell Colyn
Residential Learning Coordinator
Wehrenberg Hall
Office: 219.464.6780
Email: nell.colyn@valpo.edu