Residential Learning Coordinator                                      Guild/Memorial Halls                                                                Kade-Duesenberg German House

Office: 219.464.5763




B.A. in English

M.A. in Education – Higher Education and Administration



Emily Krabach joined Valpo in July of 2018 and brought five years of professional experience with her. She first attended Manchester University where she received her undergraduate degree in English and then went on to pursue her Masters of Arts in Higher Education and Administration through McKendree University. Emily is inspired by seeing people grow into themselves, new ideas and projects, sunsets and her support network.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys reading her favorite novels, walking to and spending time in coffee shops, taking day trips to Michigan and watching documentaries on Netflix.


Favorite Location on Campus: 

You can find Emily enjoying the vibe at Grinder’s Cafe during the 10am Chapel break.