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One of the major objectives of Valparaiso University is to provide the staff, faculty, students and visitors a safe and healthy environment. In an effort to provide such an environment the Health and Safety Committee will review, research adn develop safety and health-related programs for the University and provide recommendations to the President. This committee will consist of representatives from all constituencies across the campus.
Valparaiso University conducts quarterly pick ups for material disposal. For more information please contact the University Safety Manager.
Bio Hazard pick ups are conducted on a as needed basis. Sharps containers and red bags are required as part of the Blood Bourne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030. The University has an approved outside vender who can be scheduled for pick up of waste and delivery of new supplies.
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Valparaiso University disseminates emergency information to the Valpo Community through a variety of communication mediums.  For more information about this system please visit valpo.edu/alert
Contact the safety manager, if your department would like to have a safety related training topic as part of you departmental meeting.
The Campus Wide Safety committee meets at the Union on the Third Wednesday of each month during the school year. (8:30 - 10:00 am). If you would like that group to discuss a topic, please e-mail the Safety Manager during the First week of the Month so it may be added to the agenda.

Contact Information

Donald Wilson
Safety Manager
(219) 464-6731

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