Congratulations on Receiving your Grant!


If you have been awarded a new grant from an external funding source, please contact the Office of Sponsored and Student Research (OSSR) at We will help you with the following:

Establishing Award Account

 Upon notice of your award, the award terms and conditions will be reviewed and approved by the OSSR and Finance Office. A general ledger account number will be established using a New Account Request and Spending Plan document. The New Account document contains all the basic information about your account, including the funder, amount, project period, and responsible departmental organization. The Spending Plan document includes basic grant information as well as your awarded budget with the appropriate internal account codes. You should follow this spending plan when expending your funds. To make changes, complete the Prior Approval Form and submit to OSSR.  OSSR will send it to the Finance Office, which will submit requests to the sponsor.

Accessing Colleague General Ledger Accounts

Since you will be responsible for managing your own spending, you and/or an assistant will need access to the accounts in Colleague. With proper access, you will be able to view your account, print reports, and monitor amounts available for each line item within your grant. If you and/or your assistant do not have access to the financial system in Colleague, email the Help Desk for instructions. If your assistant will be accessing Colleague on your behalf, you will also need to email Steve Timm, Assistant Controller, @ to give that person access to your grant account. Please provide the person’s name and the account number for your grant.

Obtaining Colleague Training

 If you and/or your assistant are unfamiliar with the financial system in Colleague, Steve Timm can provide the necessary training. Email Steve Timm @ to request an appointment. Please note that it is necessary to already have your accessibility to Colleague in place before the training session.  The most useful reports are GLBR (Annual or YTD Budget Report), ACBL (GL Account Balance Inquiry), AHST (GL Account History Inquiry) and LGLA (List GL Activity).

Completing Time & Effort Reports

If you have received a federally funded grant, Time & Effort reports will need to be completed by all personnel working on the grant. Faculty, staff members, and students are required to complete a report once per semester.  Please find the required forms linked below, which include instructions and a Q&A document.

Time & Effort Form Instructions

Time and Effort Reporting Q&A Document

Submitting Grant Reports

 Most grants require reporting at certain intervals. You will need to be aware of your grant reporting due dates. You will be responsible for writing all technical and progress reports and submitting them timely. The Finance Office will provide the required financial reports that are needed to accompany your reports.  Contact Steve Timm @ 30 days in advance, so the finance reports can be prepared within deadlines.

Obtaining Spending Authority

If you do not currently have spending authority, it will be necessary to complete an Authorized Spending Limits form for yourself and/or your assistant. Please send the completed form to Dee Parker, Associate Director of Procurement @ If no authorization for spending is on file with the Finance Office, the chair of your department or the Dean will have to sign off on all of your expenditures.

For non-payroll expenditures, you will need the check request form and travel expense report. Make sure to obtain a current version of the travel expense report, since the personal auto mileage rate changes every year (effective January 1). An electronic version is also available at Completed check requests and travel expense reports should be forwarded to Linda Scarsella in the Finance Office for processing.

It would be advisable to familiarize yourself with the current travel policy, which can be found at Please note that all travel expense reports need to be co-signed by your supervisor, even if you have your own signing authority.

Documenting Matching Costs & Cost Sharing

Matching costs (also called cost share) are the University’s contribution to the project and are usually a required element of federal grants. Matching costs can either be in the form of actual money or in-kind dollars (represented by such things as release time, housing for students, indirect costs, etc.).  Valparaiso University will need to document the detail of the arrangement or expenditure, since matching costs usually need to be reported to the funding agency.  Share invoices and account numbers used for cost share with Steve Timm.  You should email the information to  The information will be used for sponsor reporting and kept in your grant file for audit backup.

Requesting Grant Award Changes

A Prior Approval Form must be completed before your grant can be revised. The Prior Approval Form is required for no-cost extensions, budget revisions, additions of subawards, pre-award costs, and reductions in the time and effort of key personnel. Once completed, the form should be sent to the Office of Sponsored and Student Research. OSSR will review and approve your change.  The form will then be sent to Finance to submit to the sponsor.

Compensating Personnel/Student Aides

 If there are payroll expenses budgeted within your grant award, you will need to understand and comply with the correct procedures involved with hiring and authorizing wages.  Human Resource forms and processes are available at  If you have questions after reviewing the website, contact

Authorizing  Faculty Stipends 

If your grant provides a stipend for a faculty member, please complete an Additional Compensation form and forward it to Payroll for processing.

Closing Out the Grant

 Upon completion of your grant, you will need to submit final reports to the funding agency. Most grants require final technical and financial reports. Most federal grants also require additional closeout reports. Your grant agreement normally specifies which reports are required. The Finance Office will submit the financial reports. You are responsible for progress or programmatic and final reports.

If you had been paying temporary, part-time, or full-time non-student employees from your grant, you will need to complete a Change of Information Form located at in order to terminate or discontinue payments for these employees. If you are paying employees from grant funds, you must notify Payroll via email to end all position numbers associated with the grant to prevent future postings from occurring.

Valparaiso University Comprehensive Post Award Grant Manual

 A comprehensive Grant Manual is available here to assist you with detailed information about responsibilities and grant processes.