Study Abroad: England and Scotland

At Valpo, we encourage our students to find their passions and follow their dreams wherever they may take them. Study Abroad trips offer that passport to new opportunities and perspectives while allowing our students to have once in a lifetime experience that ultimately aid in shaping who they will become. For civil engineering major Allison Yohanan ’24, her trip to England and Scotland was unexpected and wholly appreciated. 

“Typically, it is considered nearly impossible for Valpo civil engineering majors to study abroad; however, a short course following the year’s conclusion was a tremendous opportunity for us to study abroad without putting ourselves behind the four-year schedule,” says Allison. “In addition, the 12-day course was perfect to fit in before I started my summer internship, which allowed me to have an extremely fulfilling summer. I didn’t miss out on the trip and I didn’t miss out on an internship — it fit perfectly into my schedule!”

Allison traveled to England and Scotland through a 12-day course that allowed her to learn about various architectural marvels, connect with real-world professionals, and have a taste of what being an engineer in today’s job market could look like. 

“This experience will benefit my future career because I gained a grasp on real-world applications of engineering and innovation. Visiting engineering landmarks such as Stonehenge, the Caen Hill Locks, the Falkirk Wheel, the Shard, and much more allowed me to see firsthand some of the creativity and adaptability that engineers undertook to develop modern solutions,” says Allison.

Students were introduced to the engineers behind world renowned structures such as “The Shard” in London and were given the space to interact with engineering professionals. 

Experiential learning is a cornerstone of any Valpo education and we pride ourselves on being able to show our students what they can achieve instead of just telling them. 

“In addition to seeing centuries-old infrastructure, we also incorporated modern infrastructure with the help of WSP Global, one of the world’s leading engineering firms,” says Allison. “John Parker, the principal structural engineer who designed the Shard in London, gave us an in-depth project overview and tour of the Shard. We later met with several WSP engineers from the Cambridge office to analyze transportation, nuclear energy, and water resources projects in the area. This addition of real-world modern engineering created a great combination of old and new to learn from,” Allison says. 

The engineering feats that were highlighted on this trip allowed for a deeper appreciation for the field of civil engineering and provided insight into the application of classroom principles and concepts. Through Valpo’s Study Abroad program, Allison was not only able to stay on track for graduation but she also found a way to take her studies to the next level through travel. 

“The trip was more than I could have imagined. We had so much fun learning about European infrastructure while also engaging in the culture,” says Allison. “CE-494 European Infrastructure Systems was a spectacular course that I will be raving about for years to come. I highly recommend the course for civil engineering students who are looking to study abroad and graduate in four years with their peers!”

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