Valpo students know the value of becoming a global citizen.

Valparaiso University has given Claire Mueller the chance to do amazing things — even traveling to Germany to sing with the Valparaiso University Chorale.

“I saw that the Chorale was the premier touring ensemble, and I knew that I wanted to tour,” Claire says.

“I wanted to spread music and interact with people and see the country — see the world."

Having a chance to learn about another culture can expand your worldview and prepare you for your future.

At Valpo, there are so many opportunities for cultural exchange. You can study abroad in Europe, Asia, or Central America. On campus, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know international students and share customs and traditions from your respective cultures. Maybe you’ll want to participate in an international service project.

Interacting with others can help you to learn not only about other cultures, but it can also lead to new insights about your own life. Through these experiences, Valpo students feel a sense of community both on campus and throughout the world.