David Rojas Martinez’s hometown of Cuernavaca, Mexico is more than 2,000 miles from the Valparaiso University campus. Yet, when David arrived at Valpo as a student, he immediately felt like he was a part of the community.

“I came up here for a college visit, and I fell in love with the campus,” David says. “The people were so friendly and so welcoming, and I felt right at home as soon as I was here.”

On and off campus, in and outside of the classroom, you’ll experience a sense of community at Valpo. Residence halls are a focal point for creating lasting friendships, while Division I athletics, intramural events at the Union, fraternity and sorority life, and the Center for the Arts offer opportunities for fun and entertainment. You can join one or more of our many student organizations, gaining experience that will prepare you for success after graduation.

David learned about Valpo from his pastor, and faith life has become an integral part of his Valpo experience. He loves to share his culture and to learn about other students’ backgrounds through campus events such as the World Banquet and the World Food Bazaar.

“At the World Food Bazaar, I was serving some ethnic food from my culture along with other people around me,” David recalls, “and I just saw a different connection between people of all backgrounds coming together. It was amazing.”