At Valparaiso University, you’ll join a community of thinkers who lead with compassion, character, and integrity.

Leaders like Katelyn Stermer.

As a pre-med student with majors in Chemistry and international service, Katelyn is also in Christ College, Valpo’s honors college. She understands that academic success requires hard work and dedication. But Katelyn also recognizes there is more to a college experience than textbooks and exams. She’s sought leadership opportunities in many ways — through her sorority, study-abroad programs, Christ College, and in her every day interactions around campus.

“My sorority holds me to a very high standard and encourages me not only to be involved in an extracurricular on campus, but to be in a leadership role,” Katelyn says. “I sometimes need to make tough decisions, but my academics come first. And the leadership that I’ve received here has been important so that I can, in the future, provide guidance to other people as well — especially in an ethical role as a doctor.”

Through her sorority and her study-abroad experience in Africa, Katelyn has evolved in her studies, leadership, and life during her time at Valpo. Regardless of your major, Valpo will prepare you to become a thoughtful leader. You’ll engage with students from faiths, traditions, and backgrounds that are different from your own. You’ll use those differences as opportunities for learning and teaching. And you’ll have conversations that may change your mind and can even change your life.