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Earth Week and Spring Week

Following Earth Week will be UPC’s Spring Week, “Recycle Those Winter Blues,” running from April 21-28. For more information and to register a group for Spring Week, contact Jessica Wilson at jessica.wilson2@valpo.edu. You can also visit the Student Organization Suite in the Union to pick up an application. Registration closes at noon on Wednesday, April 17.

The schedule of Spring Week is as follows:

Sunday, April 21: Dakaboom, 3 p.m., Ballrooms
Monday, April 22: Cupcake giveaway, Chapel break, Chapel View Lounge; and Recycle-a-Shirt, 7 p.m., outside of the Cafe.
Tuesday, April 23: Competition Day, 5 p.m., East Union Lawn
Wednesday, April 24: Ballroom dance lessons, 5 p.m., Community Room
Thursday, April 25: Valpo Owns the Night, 8 p.m., Cafe Patio
Friday, April 26: Bingo, 7:30 p.m., Cafe
Saturday, April 27: Giveaway Day and 90’s games area throw back event, 7 p.m., games area of the Union; and Valpo day at Zao Island, all day
Sunday, April 28: Songfest, 1 p.m., ARC

Please visit valpo.edu/sustainability for more information and to see what you can do to go green!