Valparaiso University will be renowned worldwide for preparing women and men who are highly sought for their knowledge, character, integrity, and wisdom.

-Vision Statement

In 2010, Valparaiso University’s Board of Directors adopted a strategic plan, developed through extensive consultation with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. This plan charts the University’s course for the next two decades, ensuring that the University continues to prepare graduates to lead and serve.

Each year the University assesses its progress, and sets new goals for accomplishing its mission in the world. In addition to its current successes, Valparaiso University is committed to:

  • Mobilizing and uniquely blending the resources of its several colleges and schools under a compelling, innovative, and distinctive educational model to enable students to lead and serve in a global society.
  • Advancing, through curricular and co-curricular means, its vision of being a Lutheran University constituted by people of many and various beliefs and backgrounds, where faith, ethical character, and a sense of vocation are all nurtured in a community of freedom and dialogue in the common pursuit of truth.
  • Altering the size, composition, and shape of its learning communities, and increasing the diversity and the number of backgrounds and perspectives within its faculty, staff, and student populations.
  • Undertaking concrete actions to deepen student, faculty, and staff well-being and sense of appreciation by the University, and their commitment to the University.
  • Developing and implementing a sustainable business model in order to achieve these goals.

Scholarship, freedom, faith and service: It is this tradition that Valparaiso University builds upon and continues to strengthen in order to ensure the sustainability of a vibrant University community.

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