Health Center Information

Welcome to Valparaiso University!

The Valparaiso University Student Health Center provides professional health care for qualifying students and wellness programs for all students. We are a primary care clinic that treats the majority of injuries and illnesses. We also specialize in areas that are in high demand for our students. Our staff includes a medical doctor, nurse practitioners, and a registered nurse. Visits to the Health Center are strictly confidential. Except in rare instances, as specified by law, no medical information will be released without written authorization from the patient.

Services performed include comprehensive, culturally competent, high-quality primary health care. The Health Center provides lab services, immunizations, allergy injections, and minor procedures. Some prescriptions are also available on site. Students are expected to pay for the costs of treatment not covered by the Student Medical Plan.

Health Insurance

Valpo requires students to carry health insurance while attending the University. This policy protects a family’s investment should unexpected medical issues arise. We also know that people seek health care at earlier stages when they possess insurance. Early assessment and treatment are particularly important in a highly residential environment such as our campus.

All full-time graduate students taking nine or more credit hours and full-time undergraduate and full-time law students taking 12 or more credit hours and part-time law students are automatically enrolled in this insurance Plan at registration unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. New students beginning full-time enrollment during the summer who are taking six or more credit hours per summer term are eligible to enroll in this insurance Plan. Eligible students who do enroll may also insure their dependents.

Students’ health insurance information is collected via an online process. On an annual basis, all undergraduates and graduates, as stated above, will be requested to either provide their existing health insurance or enroll in the University-sponsored program. Students who take no action will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the University’s sponsored plan. The charge can be avoided by visiting the website and completing the insurance waiver form by established deadlines.

Details on the University-sponsored student injury and sickness plan is available on our Student Insurance page.

Health Form

Valparaiso University requires every student to have a completed Student Health Form. If the Health Center does not receive a Student Health Form or the information is incomplete, a hold will be placed on the student’s account, making him/her unable to obtain grades or register for classes for the following semester until requirements are met. If you did not receive or misplaced your Student Health Form, one can be located on the Health Center website.

All Student Health Forms are reviewed by Health Center staff, who check the immunization dates for compliance with state and federal regulations as well as review medicines, pertinent food allergies, chronic diseases, and other health issues so that we may plan for and provide the appropriate health services when your student arrives.

Due to privacy regulations, all communication regarding the student’s health information must be with the student. We will not be able to take a hold off until all information in the Student Health Form is complete.

Immunizations and TB Questionnaire

Valparaiso University is committed to maintaining a healthy campus community and part of that initiative begins at admission. Immunizations currently required are those mandated by the State of Indiana, which includes:

  • Tetanus/diphtheria booster, within the past 10 years
  • Measles, mumps, and rubella, two doses (the first dose after 12 months of age, and the second at least 28 days after the first dose)
  • Meningococcal Quad, one dose required on or after the 16th birthday, if 23 years or younger
  • Meningococcal B, if 23 years or younger (two or three doses depending on the brand)
  • Tuberculin Skin Test Questionnaire and/or TB test administered in the United States within the past 12 months (requirement of TB test is dependent on answers from the TB Questionnaire)

Some programs of study have additional immunization requirements, i.e., the College of Nursing and Health Professions. These requirements are due to the Student Health Center prior to beginning classes in August for fall admission or January for spring admission. Records are reviewed for immunization compliance, medications, allergies, chronic diseases, or medical conditions that might require special attention while you are a student at Valpo. This review occurs over the first few weeks of each semester.

The Health Center is committed to collaborating with our other university resources to provide a healthy campus for our students. If you have a medical condition that has special requirements or accommodations, needs please contact the Access and Accommodations Resource Center for additional support. Our records are only shared with your permission.

Missing or Incomplete Requirements

If the Student Health Center does not receive the information, the information is incomplete, or immunizations are required, a hold will be placed on a student’s registration for the following semester until requirements are met.

Due to FERPA/HIPAA regulations, all communication regarding the student’s health information must be with the student. We will not be able to remove a hold until all information on the SHR is complete.

Allergy Injections

The Health Center provides allergy injections if the student mails or brings the serum and physician instructions with them when they come to campus. The Student Health Center has an Allergy Packet that must be completed by you and your allergist. The serum will be stored at the Health Center and the student can make appointments to be seen on a regular basis for his/her allergy shots. There is a fee associated with this service. You may contact the Health Center prior to the beginning of classes; we would be happy to send our allergy forms to your physician, or you can find the forms on the Health Center website.

Class Excuse Policy

When a student is absent from a class, a laboratory, or an examination for medical reasons, it is the student’s responsibility to discuss this directly with the faculty member involved. The Health Center does not provide excuses for missed classes. Students may complete an authorization to release medical information to their professor. The Health Center will not release medical information or even verify that the student was at the Health Center without the student’s written authorization. You may obtain this form from the Health Center or on the Health Center website.

Immunization Exemptions

The State of Indiana does not recognize “philosophical objection” as a valid reason for exemption. Valid religious and medical exemptions are accepted. In the event of an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable communicable disease on or near the campus, students with exemptions on file will be required to leave the campus until it is deemed safe for them to return by the county Health Department and Health Center.

Please contact the Student Health Center at 219.464.5060 or send questions to