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Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement is located on the second floor of the Harre Union. It is your one stop shop for getting connected to student organizations!

Consultation Desk Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 10:00 a.m.– 9:00 p.m.

Friday: 10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.

24-hour access to the Suite (via swiping Valpo ID) is for student organization leaders who have offices or cubicles.

What the Space Offers

  • 11 tables & 24 chairs
  • 6 computers & black and white printer
  • 2 student org. offices, 5 student org. cubicles
  • Student org. mailboxes
  • 2 conference rooms, each with board room table & 10 chairs
  • Workroom with large table, 10 chairs, sink, microwave, whiteboards, and butcher block paper
  • Storage space with drawers, lockers, and cages
  • Using the Student Organization Suite for organizational success

Contact us: 219.464.5351 or uni.stuorgsuite@valpo.edu

Consultation Desk

The Office of Student Activities is excited to offer the Consultation Desk for all recognized student organizations. Students planning events, needing to complete forms, or looking to learn more about campus resources will start all of these processes at the desk. The desk is staffed Monday through Friday by student staff members who can help you navigate any request you might have or you can request to schedule a meeting with a member of our professional staff.

We also offer our Officer Orientations for newly elected Officers or Executive Boards. Officer Orientations offer insight into important policies and resources affecting student organizations and specific organization officers.

Additionally, there are some LEAD Valpo or other member/team development sessions that we would be happy to come to your meetings to facilitate!

Stop by the Consultation Desk in the Student Organization Suite for a consultation meeting or to schedule an Officer Orientation!

Offices & Storage Spaces

The Harre Union and Student Activities is able to provide limited office and/or storage space to Student Senate recognized Student Organizations in the Student Organization Suite and Harre Union Basement. You must be a recognized student organization for the upcoming year to be eligible to apply for and receive space. Annually, recognized student organizations have the opportunity to apply and be allocated this space. These spaces are designated for official student organization use.

Storage Cages (floor to ceiling): There are two types of storage cages that student organizations can apply for. There are 6 cages in the Harre Union basement (larger) and 7 in the Student Organization Suite (smaller). These spaces are ideal for storing larger items like equipment that the organization owns or items that will get re-used year after year. These spaces are locked by a provided padlock.

Lockers: In the Student Organization Suite there are 20 half-body size (apx. 3 feet tall) lockers. These spaces are ideal for groups looking to store smaller items that your organization may own or use year from year. These spaces are locked by a provided padlock.

Drawers: There are over 50 file cabinet like drawers located in the Student Organization Suite that are available for student organizations to store items like binders, paperwork, or other items similar. These are locked with a key that the suite staff has access to during suite operating hours.

Shelf Space: There is limited shelf space located in the Student Organization Suite. This is for student organizations that wish to store items in one to two boxes. These items must be in a box and are not in a locked location.

Offices: There are some office spaces dedicated to student organizations within the suite. Cubicles: There are 5 cubicle spaces within the Student Organization Suite. These come with a desk and set of drawers and overhead storage. These spaces are not locked but do provide some privacy. These spaces allow student organizations to have access to an office like area where they can work on projects, meet with others, and conduct the business procedures of their organization.

***It is not permitted to add your own locking mechanism of any kind to any allocated space. Any added locks will be removed and the charge associated with removing it will be assessed to the student organization.

Organizations with space in the Student Organization Suite are reminded that allocation of office space is a privilege. The Assistant Director of Student Activities and Student Organization Suite Staff reserves the right to remove organizations from any allocated office or storage space for violating policies stated in this document. Any disputes regarding the use of office space will be referred to the Union Director for resolution. Student Organization offices and storage spaces are solely for the use of Valparaiso University students, faculty or staff who are members of that recognized student organization. Assignment of the space is made for the operating purposes of the Organization, and any use by any other individuals or organizations is prohibited. Any other use will result in cancellation of the assignment of space. The Union Staff reserves the right to enter Student Organization offices and storage space at any time. Space is to be used as not to interfere in any way with the normal use of adjacent organizations, areas and offices. Organizations granted permanent office space are required to host a minimum of 10 office hours per week. These hours must be held during Student Organization Suite business hours and should be consistent from week to week. Office hours should be set each semester and posted outside the Organization’s office by end of the first week of classes. It is the Organization’s responsibility to inform all persons using their space of these policies. The officer signing this agreement signs on behalf of the Organization and accepts the responsibility of conveying and enforcing these policies. Student Organizations must notify the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Student Senate of any change in the contact information for their organization. Throughout the year, important information will need to be disseminated to the organizations and the Union will not be responsible for the loss of or misdirected information that results from not having an updated contact person. Each Organization granted office space is required to send a representative to periodic tenants meetings to discuss Student Organization Suite issues and events. The organization will be notified of the date and time of these meetings in advance. Office and Storage space allocation decisions are made for the academic year. If there are any vacancies, those will be reviewed at the end of each semester at which time new office and storage space applications will be made available. The Student Organization Suite Staff and Assistant Director for Student Activities will then review and make any new allocations as necessary.

As tenants of the Harre Union, all individuals, students and staff, have a responsibility to maintain the facility. Do not apply anything to the wall, window, or door that might cause permanent damage. No alterations to the physical space are permitted, including but not limited to painting offices, altering light fixtures or electrical apparatus, fastening any structure to any physical surface in the office, etc. Violating this policy may result in the loss of office space. Any damages to floors, walls, windows, doors, etc. should be reported as soon as possible to the Assistant Director of Student Activities. Spills of any kind should be immediately reported to Building Services or Harre Union staff. Student organizations and staff are expected to be diligent relative to the maintenance of their office space. All housekeeping, maintenance, and operational needs should be conveyed to the Student Organization Staff and Assistant Director for Student Activities. Floors, tables and desks are to be kept clean and free of debris. For pest control purposes and general cleanliness, storage of food items is not permitted. Please dispose of food waste and empty containers daily in public trash containers located throughout the building. All entrances and exits must always be kept open for fire and emergency egress. Organizations are not to completely cover the windows or the doors of the offices or place any items in the exterior windows. That includes stacking items in front of windows. Anything being stored in the offices must be in boxes or plastic storage containers. Offices and storage space should not be used to store personal belongings. If a space is found to be storing personal belongings the student organization may be assessed a charge as well as lose the privilege of that space. Space is subject to regular inspections by Student Organization Suite Staff and the Assistant Director for Student Activities. Any issues or non-compliance will be given three business days to resolve. Failure to resolve may result in revocation of space. Valuables should not be left on or in the desks. Security of the offices and belongings is the responsibility of each organization. The Harre Union is not responsible for any items lost, stolen, or damaged from any office at any time.

Multiple organizations may be assigned to an office or storage space. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful of those organizations sharing space. Meetings should be held in one of the conference rooms within the suite (these two conference rooms can only be reserved by Student Organizations) or other Union meeting rooms.

Student organization offices will be available to all members of the organization during Union building hours. Access into the Student Organization Suite after building hours will be through card swipe. Organizations must supply the Assistant Director of Student Activities with an access list within their agreement form. Access lists should include any member of the organization that will receive after hour’s access, which is determined by the leadership within that organization. Lists will only be accepted from the President or Vice President of the organization. The card reader will be wiped clean at the end of each year (or semester if requested) so if no access list is submitted, no one from your organization will have access to the suite outside normal building hours. Card swipe access is limited to 5 executive members for an organization with a cubicle space. Each time a new member needs to be added to your organization’s list, a new alphabetical list needs to be re-submitted. Lists submitted by anyone other than the President or Vice-President, or those lists not in alphabetical order, will be returned. Please allow up to ten business days for updates to be posted.

Student Organization Suite Work Room Supplies are available in the Student Organization Suite workroom, furnished by Student Senate. Supplies are to be used for student organization purposes only. Any misuse of supplies will be brought to the Student Organization Suite Staff. Privilege to use the workspace can be revoked for the entire organization. The workroom is a public space and can never be closed or blocked off for a single organization. Mailboxes Mailboxes for all Student Organizations on campus are located in the hallway of the Student Organization Suite.

Student Org Resources

Student Activities Forms

For a full listing of resources please visit our resources page.