Student Senate Guidebook Information

The goal of the Student Senate Guidebook is to clarify and explain all matters relevant to Senate and Organizations’ processes and involvement in the campus body. In past years, Senate utilized the Liaison Program; however this program did not result in proper communication between Senate and its constituents. In Fall of 2018, the Senate decided to create a guidebook, herein, that will give one, student, senator, or organization, all of the information they might need to get involved, run their organization, and much more.

The sections of this guidebook were determined from years of gathering information on what processes and rules are not clear. So, this guidebook provides a section on Student Senate, which explains most Senate processes. This section will be most useful for students interested in joining Student Senate. Following, is a section on Organizations which explains the types of organizations, how to start an organization, and explanations of the various forms an organization must fill out throughout the year. Next is a timeline of Student Senate and campus processes such as when certain forms need to be filled out by or when certain Senate committees must forms.

If the information you are looking for is not contained in the guidebook, emails and other references are provided under the contact information section. Lastly, we have a section in which all forms are linked and example forms are filled out. This way if you have any question about how a form should be filled out, you can reference this area. It also contains Senate terms which will be useful if you’d like deeper understanding of Senate processes.

Additional questions regard representation of Student Organizations can be found in the Senate Guidebook.