Position Description

President: The president is the overall executive official. The main job of the president is to preside over all E-board meetings and all general meetings. The president is involved in every aspect of ALD, and ensures that everything runs as it's supposed to.

Vice-President: The vice-president is supposed to help the president to fulfill his duties. If the president is unable to attend a meeting, the vice-president presides in his place.

Secretary: The secretary keeps the minutes of every meeting, and keeps track of the current number of hours every member has donated in a given semester. If you are unable to attend a meeting, the secretary is the one you should contact.

Treasurer: The treasurer keeps the books balanced, monitors the dues paid, and ensures that the banquet and graduation cords are purchased every year.

Public Relations: The public-relations chair ensures that all service events and meetings are publicized, and helps create all the advertisement ALD needs.

Historian: The historian is tasked with recording all ALD events, and preparing an ALD scrapbook to record what was done that year. The historian makes sure that plenty of photos are taken at each service event.

Webmaster: The webmaster maintains the website, and makes sure that it is up to date in terms of what events are being publicized.